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Business is about more than just business—it’s about building the long-term relationships that make partners, customers and communities successful. With experts in SBA, USDA and other types of commercial loans, Greater Commercial Lending is a trusted source of capital and economic stability for loan packagers, loan underwriters and commercial lending partners supporting rural communities not served by large financial institutions. We work hand in hand to give businesses in these communities access to capital at reasonable rates to help them start, expand, grow and recover.

We offer loan packagers, loan underwriters and commercial lending partners:

  • Expertise – Fund your customers’ loans in a timely manner at competitive interest rates. Our business loan experts will guide you through USDA and SBA loan structures, requirements, policy questions and government program qualifications and ensure your loans close successfully.
  • Partnership – Expand your lending capabilities, conduct annual reviews, fulfill government reporting requirements and manage risk with a broad portfolio of services that cover everything from loan origination through portfolio management.
  • Community – Access USDA and SBA loans through GCL to create another avenue by which to secure capital—in some cases, more than you can get on your own.

Our Partners

GCL works with federal agencies, loan packagers, loan underwriters and commercial lending partners nationwide—all states, all U.S. territories—to create innovative financial solutions for rural businesses at all stages of growth. Our commercial lending teams have made GCL an SBA top lender and a USDA Lender of the Year many times over. And, as the nation’s largest commercial lending credit union service organization (CUSO), we have the power to advocate with legislators and government agencies on behalf of all the partners we serve.

With GCL, loan packagers, loan underwriters and commercial lending partners can:

  • Secure additional capital
  • Expand lending capabilities
  • Offer government guaranteed loans without adding staff
  • Create lending solutions you cannot, or do not want to, originate or underwrite
  • Tailor long-term and short-term financing to client needs
  • Ensure loan submission is complete and meets the standards of the type of loan being issued
  • Participate in commercial lending opportunities by purchasing participation loans

Lender Partners

Partner Packagers

Underwriting and Eligibility Review Partners