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As You Expand, So Do We

We’re committed to continually expanding and enhancing the specialized services and expertise we deliver to our sophisticated partners, including lenders, packagers and investors. Our Syndication Desk, Investor Relations and Financial Analysts teams are here to help you every step of the way.

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Syndication Desk

Contact our Syndication Desk when you want to discuss:

• Bid submission and decisioning
• Good delivery preparation and execution
• New participation agreements and certificate executions
• Loan sales and participation settlements
• Loan pool structuring and participation

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Investor Relations

Contact our Investor Relations department when you want to discuss:

• Transaction processing and reporting
• Monthly remittance and reporting
• Construction draw and advance participation requests
• Other transactions and reporting, such as payoffs, modifications, etc.

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Financial Analysts

Contact our Financial Analysts when you want to discuss:

• Underwriting or credit related questions
• Annual review status
• Updated financials
• Past due information/status (if <60 days past due)