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Renewable Energy Business Loans

Our access to SBA and USDA loan programs helps you turn your technology and innovative ideas into clean energy solutions. Our experts can help you explore your options for renewable energy business loans.

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renewable energy business loan
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Types of Renewable Energy Business Loans

With Greater Commercial Lending, you can be confident your green energy projects will fit your budget and business goals. Our team of commercial lending specialists focus on renewable energy loan programs to help you understand your options and navigate short-term and long-term financing solutions.

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SBA 504 Green Energy Loans

Replace or retrofit a facility to reduce energy consumption or upgrade it to run on renewable energy.

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USDA Rural Energy for America (REAP) Loans

Implement renewable energy systems, make energy efficiency upgrades or install new, energy-efficient equipment.

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USDA 9003 Biochemical Energy & Manufacturing Program

Develop, build or retrofit biorefinery, renewable chemical and bio-based product manufacturing operations.

How Can You Use Energy Financing?

Renewable energy loans are helping small businesses, agricultural producers, landowners and manufacturers across rural America transition to sustainable, green energy sources.

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Energy Efficiency

Power facilities with energy from wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal and other sustainable sources.

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Renewable Energy Projects

Secure funding for land, construction, technology, equipment and development for renewable energy projects.

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Rural & Agricultural Development

Bring jobs to your community and improve the quality of life with financing for green energy projects.

How Do You Finance a Renewable Energy Project?

The SBA and USDA offer an array of green energy loans to help you transition to renewable energy sources, upgrade facilities for better energy efficiency, or open your holdings to alternative energy production.

Find an Experienced Lender

We help small businesses, property owners and landowners across rural America secure access to capital at reasonable rates for all types of renewable energy projects.

Explore Your Options

Our renewable energy loan experts will walk you through loan types, eligibility requirements, government loan regulations, green energy tax credits and more.

Secure Financing

Secure a loan or loan package that meets your financial and project goals, and stay in touch with our team of experts to ensure all your questions are answered.

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From a pure financing perspective, our ability to access a significant portion of the projects’ required capital at very competitive rates, from GCL is a unique benefit for these projects and our investors. From both an operational and financial perspective, the availability of this type of project financing is very important.


Frequently Asked Questions

About renewable energy business loans

What is clean energy financing?

Clean energy, green energy and renewable energy financing are used interchangeably to describe loans that enable businesses to upgrade their facilities for better energy efficiency or embark on entirely new sustainable energy projects.

Who can apply for renewable energy business loans?

We serve small businesses, agricultural producers, landowners and manufacturers in rural communities across America. We’ll help you understand the requirements for all types of federal government loans.

How can renewable energy financing be used?

Depending on the loan type, SBA and USDA renewable energy loans can be used to finance all aspects of a project, from land and equipment purchases to technology and facility upgrades.

Are there loans specifically for solar energy projects?

Yes. Many types of renewable energy loans are available to finance solar power projects, as well as sustainability projects focused on wind, hydroelectric and geothermal energy.