The funding will support rural development projects serving unmet needs and improving healthcare access to underserved populations for years to come.

StroudwaterGCL — which works with healthcare systems across the U.S. to identify and execute high-impact infrastructure investments in rural communities — is proud to announce that it has secured $283,229,000 in USDA Community Facilities loan commitments this fiscal year on behalf of its clients.

“There are several groups that make this work possible, and we are excited to partner with the USDA Community Facilities program and Greater Commercial Lending to support these rural communities with capital investments that build a health care system that works better for everyone,” says Brian Haapala, StroudwaterGCL CEO.

The commitments span seven states with projects in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, New York, North Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming. Project outcomes include the creation of three new Critical Access Hospitals and one new community health center, the expansion of two existing Critical Access Hospitals, and the purchase of a new medical office building.

“Each of these projects, once completed, will impact thousands of lives. At the end of the day, that’s what this work is about,” says Macey Spears, StroudwaterGCL Relationship Officer. “These are significant, long-term community investments.”

StroudwaterGCL is a partnership between Greater Commercial Lending, which provides access to government-guaranteed credit to organizations in rural and underserved areas, and Stroudwater Associates which delivers strategic advice to rural hospitals and health systems.

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