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USDA FSA Guaranteed Loan Program

From purchasing farmland and improving buildings, to buying livestock and insurance, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm Service Agency (FSA) Guaranteed Loan Program is available to help family farms and ranches succeed and grow. Learn how a FSA guaranteed loan through Greater Commercial Lending could benefit your operation.

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What is the USDA FSA Guaranteed Farm Loan Program?

The USDA FSA Guaranteed Loan Program enables family farmers and ranchers to obtain loans, at reasonable terms, to buy farmland, improve operations, and finance agricultural production.

USDA farm loans provide farmers and ranchers with credit that they can use to expand and improve operations. Imagine having the funding to buy more land, refinance debt, promote soil conservation, obtain insurance, and procure livestock and equipment. At GCL, our expert team of FSA lending specialists will help you understand how to access and apply for a FSA guaranteed loan.

USDA FSA Guaranteed Loan Program Amounts and Eligibility

Whether you run a new agricultural operation or a multi-generational ranch, we give farmers and ranchers access to credit via the FSA at competitive rates and flexible terms. USDA farm loans for up to $2,236,000 for farm operations are guaranteed by the FSA.

FSA guaranteed loans are geared toward family farmers. That generally means the family provides much of the day-to-day labor and handles management and operational decisions. Every farm operation, though, is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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Types of Guaranteed USDA Farm Loans

Farm ownership, operating, and conservation loans are available under the FSA Guaranteed Loan Program.

Farm Ownership

Purchase farmland, construct or repair buildings, develop farmland to promote soil and water conservation, or refinance debt.

Farm Operations

Buy livestock, equipment, feed, seed, fuel, farm chemicals, insurance – or fund building improvements, land and water development, and family living expenses.

Land Contract

Transfer farm real estate to the next generation of farmers.

EZ Guarantee

Available for smaller loans up to $100,000 – a simplified application process to help small, new, or underserved family farmers with early financial assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the USDA FSA Guaranteed Loan Program

How do I apply for a USDA FSA guaranteed loan?

We have a team of lending specialists focused solely on USDA guaranteed loan financing to help you through the FSA guaranteed loan process. We’ll ensure you know which types of farmers, ranchers, operations, and expenses qualify, and we’ll walk you through loan requirements (fees, repayment terms, amounts, interest rates, etc.), and help you pull together all the necessary information and paperwork so your loan closes quickly.

What are the maximum loan limits?

USDA FSA guaranteed loans up to $2,236,000 can be made for operations, farm ownership and conservation. The amount is adjusted each fiscal year based on inflation. The maximum loan for land contract guarantees is $500,000.

How are interest rates and payment terms set?

The FSA Guaranteed loan interest rate and payment terms are arranged between the lender and applicant and cannot exceed the maximum rates established by FSA.

Is GCL a certified lender for the USDA FSA Guaranteed loan programs?

Yes. GCL is not only an approved lender for the USDA FSA Guaranteed Loan Program, but we’ve also been named a USDA Lender of the Year on several occasions. A GCL USDA loan specialist can walk you through the USDA FSA guaranteed loan process and help you with other USDA loan programs.